Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 1, 2009 Second Month

Just had to start this month's photos with this face. She's just the best. For some reason, though, perhaps because she was crated when she was young, every time she comes into the house, she heads right for the corner under the table. Sunny is a joy in my dad's life. Today we took her for a walk around the block. There was still lots of slush and icy walks. I don't understand why people can't clear their side walks; it's just darn dangerous. I know Dad was a little fearful of walking much farther.

I'm thinking how great it would be for my parents to drop Sunny off at my house each evening and I would walk her and bring her back (it's not far; two miles), but as I see snow approaching on Tuesday...well, I'll have to think this through.

Lots of commercials tonight on the Super Bowl about animals.I'm glad we have this one.

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