Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 7 2009

There are so many pictures I could pick for today, but am choosing the collage I made. When I first registered, I was given so many things it was overwhelming. Once I got set up in my room at the Hotel Hershey, I put everything out so I could see it. about a mini-vacation. I checked in, went to the spa for a body scrub (not great), went back to the room, walked around the hotel grounds, back to the spa for a facial (VERY GOOD), got dressed for dinner, went to the outlets and bought one thing at Chicos, then to PNC to get money for dinner. Met Dr. Anne Thorpe from MI and gave her a ride to the Bear's Den where we all had dinner...and I got my chocolate martini...and a great time with all the DEN and PLURK people we could round up. Thanks to Discovery for picking up the tab as well. No one ever does that for teachers. Went back to the room and watched a really great movie on TNT and finally fell asleep around one. Not a great sleep but I was in a hotel so did I care? I'd love to go back to town in the fall or must be beautiful.


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