Monday, January 19, 2009

January 19, 2009

My "uncle" Artie is the oldest male on my mom's side. He is the one who gets everyone together for reunions, parties, keeps in touch with everyone! He is a really great guy. We went to visit with him, his wife, Muriel, and my aunt Kath's boys, Peter (from Allendale, PA) and David (from Texas).They were there to take care of Kath, who is in a nursing home. After lunch at the Murphys, we went to see Aunt Kath.We brought lots of picture and, while I know she wasn't feeling great, I think we brought a smile to her a few times this afternoon. The hour drive both ways in the rain and snow was absolutely worth it.

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  1. These are the actions that define a person. You are a good one.