Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Modern Science

It's been days now, but thanks to modern drugs, I am getting better. This past week I have had pneumonia, bronchitis laryngitis, an ear infection, and winter asthma. I was also diagnosed with a deficiency of vitamin D and my thyroid medicine wasn't right. So, now I am home for another week and will be getting better so that I can hit the ground running next week. Luckily, Nancy, my student teacher from semester 1 is substituting for me so I'm not killing myself over lesson plans. Not happy about being here, but I am learning that I have to balance my life. Good health is one of those things that is getting balanced now.


  1. Ugh, this is not fun. I'm glad you're getting your rest and hope you will be feeling much better by next week.

  2. That pic really shows what you are going through... Last year I had a similar situation and was on the same number of meds... it is not fun, but I am glad that you are taking the week to get better... WE NEED YOU WELL!