Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 21, 2009

When I moved into my house, I was lucky enough to have a friend of my parents who made furniture to make this lovely corner cabinet. I have grown up with corner cabinets in my parents' home and always wanted one of my own. It holds some very special things like gifts from my best friend, my WINE GLASSES, and things that bring some very special memories to mind. It is one of my favorite pieces in my home.


  1. That is a beautiful piece of furniture and you are so lucky to have it. The WINE GLASSES really do need a special place... they are VERY vaulable!

  2. I too love corner cabinets and have been searching for one to put in my new home.

  3. Thanks for posting. Unfortunately the gentleman who made this has moved to Florida. I hope he is still using his skills.