Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 26, 2009

A MOBILE LAB... finally the third graders can use the ten lap tops that are part of the mobile lab. I have waited for two years to be able to use the lap tops that fifth grade always gets to use.

Each day I sign out the ten laptops. No one else in the building seems to want to use them,but not me. My students use them for math reinforcement, writing, research...it's amazing. And the fact that there are ten mean that I can do a lesson while the other ten are on the computers. Oh, of course there is the usual calling out, "My screen is upside down," or
"I can't find my document."
"Did you save?"
"To your H drive?"
"You mean I have to do that here,too?"
but still the pros so outweigh the cons. I know some day someone is going to discover the laptops are here, but for now, they are mine...all mine.


  1. I love to see kids engaged with laptops! Glad you are having fun using them. The kids will get better at saving files, etc.

  2. They're already getting better just this week. It was the "My screen is upside down" one that got me today. thanks for commenting.

  3. Fun! We did Beauty and The Beast last year. My crew created the costumes and makeup. Here are some shots. http://flickr.com/photos/46248775@N00/sets/72157603894398737/