Sunday, January 11, 2009

TRI-Photo Day January 11

Today I have to upload three pictures as they show what was happening between 1 and 3:00. The Eagles were playing a football game against the Giants. If they won, that meant that they advanced to the NFC Championships. During this game, like other important events this year including the Olympics, the Presidential Debates, the election, and the holidays, this was spent communicating with my friends on Plurk. Some were not there due to illness, but the die-hards and some new plurkers showed.

During the Eagles' football games, it has become a tradition that if my dad and I are not watching the game together, we watch it "by phone". Each time the Eagles score a touch down, one of us calls the other.

And finally, here it is. The results of the game. Now we have another GREEN week at school and another game to look forward to. MORE news stories, more pep rallies, more Philadelphia fun.


  1. Sorry that I wasn't there to plurk the game with you Stacy... you captured the fun with your pic though. Looking forward to plurking the Super Bowl together!