Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 25, 2009

My summer in Australia was the best. I was an exchange teacher for the three weeks in Alstonsville, the furthest most point in Australia and lived with Ross and Julie Woolfe and their wonderful four children. When I first arrived in Sydney, before going to my teaching destination, I, of course, went shopping. There I found this wonderful stuffed kangaroo. I named her Sydney and the little one in her pouch, Joey. It was a great find, but..
Little did I know I would be taking Sydney not only to Alstonsville but to Alice Springs, Port Douglass, Cairns,Darwin, Melbourne, and back to my favorite city. And she didn't pack that well. After a while people in the airport starting recognizing her. I remember once in Darwin one little boy called out, "There's Sydney!" The stuffed animal was one of the few things I bought in Australia, and she is still with me to this day.

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